Drivers’ discipline a must to reduce traffic accident

Ethiopian vehicle owners told to examine the behavior of their drivers before they hired them, Sheger FM reported.

Ethiopia is among the countries said to host a largest number of traffic accident victims. Over 4300 people dies because of traffic accidents a year.

Worried about such grave incidences, the Federal Transport Authority on Tuesday told over 300 public transport and loading truck owners to “examine the behavior of their drivers well before they are hiring them”.

Transport Associations, board members and managers have attended the consultation event today.

Dilargachew Lemma, Road Safety Awareness Expert at the Authority was quoted by the radio station as saying, “The government alone cannot solve the problem; you too have to take care and share a slice in reducing the damages, injuries and deaths caused by traffic accidents”.

Around 68 percent of accidents occurred in quality roads and highways, which are highly attributed to the disciplinary problems with the drivers, said the Expert.

Data from the Addis Abeba Trade Bureau indicates that 90 percent of the accidents occurring in the city can be blamed on faulty driving.

Pedestrians can be held responsible for four percent of the accidents, with other factors including road usage problems, weather conditions and the vehicles’ technical standard.

Growing concern about traffic accidents is forcing some in the transportation sector to focus on accident avoiding techniques of driving, called defensive driving, and post-accident insurance mechanisms. One such institutional mechanism is carried out by the Ethiopian Heavy

Truck Drivers Association that trains its members and motivates them to have life insurance coverage.

According to the World Health Organization report, published in April 2014, traffic accidents in Ethiopia account for the deaths of 37.28 persons per 100,000. This is 2.77 percent of the total deaths in the country, placing Ethiopia 12th in the world.

Kenya’s death rate from traffic accidents according to the same report stands at 19 persons per 100,000, whereas it is only two persons per 100,000 die from road accidents in England.


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